Long Domain Names vs Short URLs Which is Better

Long Domain Names Vs Short URLs: Which Is Better?

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To make a new website, you must think about long domain names vs short URLs: which is better? You must look at this content if you get stuck in this situation. The article has all the essential information for your website domain name. 

A domain name is a name that helps users to locate your website by using the website URL. The domain name helps your target audience know what your brand is about and what it offers to you. You can get the domain name at lower prices, but if you want to add some quality extensions, it may cost a little higher. 

What Makes a Long Domain Name Better?

While thinking of getting long domain names, you must consider how these names could benefit you. You can check the advantages listed below to get the answers to your questions. 

  • The domain name will be helpful when you think a single word or short phrase can’t describe your brand clearly. 
  • These domain names will not restrict you from any online sharing.
  • The extended domain names give your website a better chance to become unique among other websites. 

When Are the Longer Domain Names Used?

Domain names are essential for SEO, so you must choose the one that makes your brand’s website more identifiable. It must help visitors and search engines identify your brand quickly. Although short URLs are mostly preferred, long domain also has their worth. It would help if you had these long domains on various occasions. 

  • Websites about animals, insurance, and destination holidays use long domains.
  • These domains are helpful when you want to add a keyword to the URL 
  • The long domains help the visitors get what they expect from Google when they type their query in the search bar. 
  • The short domains have been taken already, and you want the alternative to that name. Long domains will be the best option for you.

What Makes a Short URL Better?

The shorter URLs have less than two or a maximum of two words. These domain names are precise and easy to read and remember. The list of this domain length has no bounds and benefits you in multiple ways. 

  • The domain names are more eye-catching and can stick easily in everyone’s mind. 
  • Short-length URLs take less room and can be added easily on different printing media like brochures and business cards.
  • The domain name helps your audience build trust with your brand. 

Why Choose Short URLs? 

You are establishing your brand and want a quality domain name. There are multiple reasons why you choose short-length domains. Some of them are highlighted below. 

  • These domains will increase the relevancy of your website. 
  • When you don’t want to remember the long domains, these short-length URLs are effective
  • The URLs reduce the hassle of typing long-length domains. 
  • These domains, with their memorable names, generate more traffic and leads to higher rankings in search engines. 

Long Domain Vs Short URLs: What to Choose?

Quality URL is not a science, but they need some rules. So, always try to choose the one that conveys your brand name and what it offers. If you successfully get the short domain name, you hit the jackpot. 

If others have taken the word you have thought of, then it’s time to go creative and get the one that helps your website cater to the massive attention of the audience. Choosing a domain name that increases your users’ interest and enables you to get higher traffic to your brand is essential.

In the online world, both long domain and short URLs are essential and have their worth because all type of URLs has their benefits. If you want to create short URLs, get an exact domain name. 

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

You have started your new business and want a relevant and short URL. Whatever link you choose, follow some steps to get the best for your brand. These steps will help you pick the best connection for your website. 

1- Addition of keywords 

Regardless of the domain length, add keywords like your brand name and the products or services you want in your URL. It will help your target audience to easily reach you whenever they type the word on the Google search bar. With these links, you can get a higher ranking in SERPs.  

2- Try to shorten the length 

Your users can easily remember your website’s domain and will not create any blunders while typing. It will help if you use a short-length environment. Because when you choose the long domain, users may mistype the domain in the search bar and will not reach you. 

3- Avoid numbers or hyphens 

It is advisable not to use numbers and hyphens in your domain name. Because visitors will need to understand the term and can type the wrong domain in the search bar, ultimately, they will fail to find you, and it will be difficult for voice searches like Alexa and Google home to get the visitors’ queries. 

4- Check if anyone else is using it 

The most important thing is to know whether or not your selected URL is getting used by others. It often happens when you choose a URL, and someone already got it.

If the URL is already under the authority of others, then you should choose the different one. If you are still looking for a short domain name, it’s time to look for a more extended domain. 

5- Protect your brand 

It’s time to protect your brand rather than just getting the quality domain for your brand. You can purchase different domain extensions and misspelt versions of the domain.

It will help protect your brand from competitors from getting registered from the other versions. Moreover, your users will directly approach you rather than go to another site. 

6- Target your physical location 

If you are running a local business and have a physical appearance, consider the city or state in your domain. Using the short domain name will help your audience quickly find your brand and always remember your brand’s URL.

Get the Right Domain for Your Brand’s Website.

Getting the best for your website is tricky but possible. You can obtain quality URLs for your brand by making little effort. Try to look for the short-length domain that has a specific keyword. These are helpful tools to make your visitors aware of your brand. 

Businesses prefer to choose a domain name that everyone can easily understand. It will help you stand out in the crowd and quickly communicate their products or values. 

Wrapping it up 

Starting your business and want the best domain for your brand? If you want to know long domain names vs short URLs: which is better? You can go through the entire content. We are the best digital marketers and do our best to give you quality domains. 

Both types of URLs have their worth and work in their way to increase your brand’s popularity. The domains help your audience learn about your brand and its offering. It should be short and have relevant keywords so everyone can easily remember it.